Ray Johnson’s Scrap Tyre Disposals will pickup and remove your scrap tyres for disposal. We offer this service to the Central Coast and Sydney NSW. Most areas of the Central Coast and Sydney are covered by a regular scheduled pickup, or we can arrange specialised pickups on request. Ray Johnson’s Scrap Tyre Disposals are accredited with TSA, ATRA and EPA licenced (EPA licence number: 20987).

Ray Johnson’s Scrap Tyre Disposals have been disposing of tyres for over 35 years. Our experience is the difference and our focus is set on customer service, satisfaction and complying with EPA state regulations. Most areas of the Central Coast and Sydney are covered by regular scheduled pickups, or we can arrange specialised pickups on request. All our trucks are monitored and include GPS tracking technology.

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Use our online form to request a pickup time, where we can come and collect your scrap tyres and dispose of and recycle them. 

By the very nature of their design and the purpose for which they were created, tyres are incredibly durable and resilient, but like everything they eventually reach the end of their useful life, either through irreparable damage or excessive wear. For decades, old scrap tyres have been considered one of the most difficult items to dispose of with literally millions of tyres every year either being sent to landfills, where they lie without any signs of decomposition – or simply being burnt, and in the process creating truly toxic fumes and pollution.

Today, however, technological advances have developed a number of ecologically sound, and safe uses for old tyres, and recycling old tyres is now a viable proposition. At Ray Johnson’s Scrap Tyre Disposals, we provide a trye removal service for Sydney and Central Coast that affords you the peace of mind that the scrap tyres that we collect from you, will not contribute to the strains already placed upon our valuable environment.

With over three decades of experience in tyre disposal in Sydney the focus of our business is clearly on customer satisfaction, and ensuring that we are always fully compliant with all relevant rules and regulations pertaining to tyre recycling in NSW. In conjunction with our scheduled routine of scrap tyre collections in the region, we are also happy to organise individual collections, to meet your needs. Our exemplary levels of service will always be met whether you need large scale industrial tyre removal in Sydney or are perhaps an independent car enthusiast with a small number of tyres that you want to de disposed of in a responsible manner.

Today, scrap tyres can be re-purposed in a wide variety of ways. The majority of trye recycling involves a greater level of technology that can result in many useful products, including tyre derived fuel, specific types of asphalt and concrete plus a diverse range of artificial sports pitches and other similar surfaces.

When you commit your scrap tyres from Sydney, Wollongong or Newcastle to Ray Johnson’s Scrap Tyre Disposal, you will receive a premium level of service from our thoroughly experienced team, and our accreditation from TSA and ATRA in conjunction with our Environmental Protection Agency licence will assure you that your old tyres will be recycled, in accordance with all regulations, minimising the impact on the environment.

Your scrap tyres in NSW no longer have to be a burden to you; our tyre recycling service in Sydney can take them off your hands with the minimum of fuss. Simply call us for an obligation free quote, or to organise either a regular scheduled pick up or a one- off trip to your location across the region, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.